Passionate about community and natural produce – Weekly Organic Veggie Box pick up and delivery Community Supported Agriculture, from May 2024 to January 2025.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, a CSA for short, is a direct connection between an individual, family, or group of people and the farmers who produce their food. As a supporter of the farm, CSA members are able to visit the farm and see how their food is being grown, and even participate in the process if they so choose. This year we are offering a Weekly Veggie CSA Box with on farm pick up as well as delivery to the Greater Toronto Area and Caledon/Orangeville area. We follow organic practices and are working towards an Organic certification.

Why join a CSA?

One of the advantages of supporting a CSA is that you get to enjoy the variety of vegetables that are grown and trialed. You get to have an influence on what is grown by sharing your interests with the farmer who can consider adjusting what is grown based on the community’s needs. 

On the other hand, supporting a CSA may have some challenges, unavoidable pest pressure, drought/water shortage, crop failure in regular times, and availability of seeds and equipment in our current times of supply chain interruptions, to name a few. We are putting systems in place to mitigate as many of these challenges as possible, it is a steep learning curve, and we will keep communicating our challenges as they arise. 

CSA Members who order 1 month at a time or more will receive priority packing should there be any shortages. Likewise, these same members will be given priority if there is an abundance harvested throughout the season.

The longer the share that you are able to purchase and commit to ahead of time the better we are able to plan the quantity of vegetables to grow and bring to you and the community during the year. Supporting a CSA by pre-ordering helps reduce waste in the form of needlessly overproduced veggies that are required to meet fluctuating demand and may eventually be wasted if there is a surplus with a large variation in weekly client numbers. 


Making good food accessible is part of what a CSA is about. We understand that for some of our community members ordering a box once a week as needed may be the best option and welcome all types of participation in the farm.